Announcement: If you’ve arrived at this post having searched for ‘Lloyd naked’, I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is not a questionable picture of Lloyd in minimal clothing. Maybe another time.

Taken from that upcoming King of Hearts album, this track once again sees Polow Da Don helming the production, and he most certainly delivers. Evoking a 90s R&B vibe with a slow, sultry production reminiscent of R. Kelly’s early material, Polow serves up a slow jam with thick bass, sprinklings of percussion in addition to hints of saxophone, synth and more in a deep, layered production. It combines to create a perfect soundscape for the ever-engaging vocals of Lloyd, who delivers from start to finish with confidence and presence, preventing the beat from overshadowing him with a smooth, assured serenade to the lady of his attention. Textbook R&B. Be sure to grab that album on July 5th.


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