Krayzie Bone-Vanilla Lights

With his recent departure from Bone Thugs, it’s been interesting to see if Krayzie’s solo career could match the levels his talents have always promised, and here we get a look at how things are shaping up for him.

Explosive has flashes of brilliance, but is really let down by an embarrassing chorus that seems to poorly imitate dull, mainstream hip-hop from the early 00′s. Kray’s verses save the track from being completely unlistenable, but the chorus has already done its damage and prevents it from being anything special.

Kray really hits form with Vanilla Lights which captures that vintage Bone sound, with a modern feel that will make it more accessible to those unfamiliar with Bone. They had a knack for ruining songs like this by insisting on singing on the hook, which just doesn’t have the impact it did 15 years ago: the use of Duke Terrell on the chorus changes things up a bit with his vocals fitting in well with the acoustic loop, giving the track a smooth vibe and allowing Krayzie to wrap his vocals around the beat, and deliver his best on each verse.

Vanilla Lights (link deleted upon request)

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