Kid Cudi-Perfect Is The Word

It’s been a while since we heard from Cud, though there’s been a little bit going on in recent months that you may/may not be aware of: his next album is not going to be released on GOOD Music, but on his own newly-formed Wicked Awesome Records. It’s slated to be a rock album by himself and longtime collaborator Dot Da Genius, under the guise of 2 Be Continuum. He’s also given up all of the drugs etc., and is now apparently living clean and sober. I may be getting a little mixed up, but I think that’s all of it!

This track, produced by Dot, marks his ‘moving forward’ and ‘evolving’, and he seems to be moving into that rock/alternative edge that he mentions here. I’m not convinced its the right style of alternative/rock for him, as he’s far more harmonic than this somewhat jagged track, but it does come together fairly well at certain points with his vocals blending nicely with the thick guitar licks. Perfect isn’t the word here sadly, but it may grow on me and regardless he deserves credit for switching things up.

Kid Cudi-Perfect Is The Word

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