Kid Cudi-Marijuana Video

The timing of this video is certainly interesting, given the recent release of his marking a ‘move forward’ in his career, and hence offering the first piece of material since Cudi’s renouncement of drugs. As a result, it’s wouldn’t be entirely unfounded to view this video as the last relic of what once was.

That’s not to say I’m not pleased with this being released of course, given that it was one of (if not the primary) standout tracks on his second album. However, the video is a little disappointing as it plays upon the aspect of the song that captivated me the least: the shenanigans and craziness that takes place when high. Given the dark, moody nature of the beat, it would undoubtedly have been better to see something that at least partially reflected that key aspect of the song, and hence this feels a little unfulfilling from someone of his artistic ability.

Aside from that thematic issue, it is a relatively entertaining video with lots of behind-the-scenes footage, all delivered through a hazy filter to enhance that marijuana ‘influence’. Solid, but could and should have been a lot more.

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