Kanye West-Mama's Boyfriend

We first got wind of this track about a year ago, when Kanye West went round to Twitter and Facebook’s respective headquarters and performed on top of tables. That just is so exquisitely Kanye West, isn’t it?

Mama’s Boyfriend was slated to appear on what eventually became the utterly brilliant My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but was ultimately left out. Upon my first few listens of the track, it’s clear why: It’s much removed from the dark atmosphere of MBDTF, instead resonating the soul-sample driven tracks from The College Dropout. The subject matter doesn’t stray far from the song’s title, with West explaining his feelings towards his late mother’s boyfriends in an amusing and self-reflective way. This should have been released around Mother’s Day!

Packed with the classic sounding Kanye production and introspective lyrics, Mama’s Boyfriend is a delicate, heartwarming and feel good song. And as always, it’s when he’s at his most vulnerable that Mr. West is at his most irresistible.

Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend

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