J Dilla-Last Donut Of The Night Video

Overdue isn’t the word! From what I gleaned, Stones Throw held a competition of sorts to see who could make the best video for this track, with the winner being released as the official visual: It appears this particular video took that accolade.

This was one of the most popular beats on the seminal Donuts album, hence releasing a visual after the intervening years of posthumous appreciation represents an enormous risk of upsetting Dilla’s many fans. However, those fears are unfounded and these guys have done a very good job with the soulful soundscape, wrapping it into a video full of donut symbols, and plenty of circular symbolism to accompany it. In particular, the cyclical rise and fall of the uniformed officer is poignant, as he slowly shifts from hungrily eyeing up his tray of donuts to a heroic phase, and eventually deteriorates back from heroism into gluttony as he looks on despairingly whilst the last donut of the the night is unceremoniously guzzled by only the relaxed, non-cyclical character. There’s plenty more to be gleaned (but I’m out of space), and regardless it’s both an enjoyable watch at surface level and a superb listen.

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