J. Cole-Work Out

The first official single from Cole’s debut album (not sure where that leaves Who Dat?), as released by the man himself last night on Twitter. He’s sampled a short section of Kanye West’s Workout Plan on the production, though this track works in a considerably different direction to the jovial Kanye effort.

The sample ties nicely with the otherwise mellow production to give this track a slightly old-school feel (partly because of the Roger Troutman-esque sample), with Cole’s harmonic style playing upon that with a feelgood vibe in his content. The raps aren’t spectacular and he’s performed far better, but they suit the vibe of the track and are relatively mainstream friendly without being excessively dumbed down. Intricacy wouldn’t really suit this production, and once again Cole adapts his style perfectly to the beat he chooses. Lying in that hip-hop middle ground Cole generally treads,  it’s a solid first single that should keep everyone fairly happy.

J. Cole-Work Out

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