Frank Ocean-Novacane Video

First off, good work by Frank and Def Jam on the timing here. They’ve launched this just as the dust was beginning to settle on the whirlwind buzz surrounding Frank, and right on the heels of his superb contribution to Tyler, The Creator’s latest single. It’s fair to say that getting some full-length visuals from Frank (this video doesn’t count) was much needed, and he’s delivered with a solid effort.

Grabbing esteemed director Nabil Elderkin (Welcome To Heartbreak, Grenade etc.), Frank adopts a simple yet extremely effective tactic by slowly making the viewer experience the drug trip he so harmonically sings about. The video starts with a relatively unexciting shot of Frank lighting up, and gradually fills with apparitions of nights gone by, eventually reaching the realm of sheer fantasy and delusion. It’s most graphically signified in the distortions his face goes through, as its ‘malleability’ becomes somewhat more apparent as the video progresses (at a few points, he looks identical to Kanye).

Very much worth a watch for staying true to the audio, and encasing it in an engaging and visually effective package. Re-release of Nostalgia/ultra due out July 26th.

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