Drake-Marvin's Room Video

Given that this wasn’t expected to be an official single, it’s a nice surprise to get some visuals here. Great timing from Drake too, with the horde of recently-released remixes threatening to take the shine away from the quality of the original.

The video isn’t anything complicated, and essentially follows the lyrics as Drake drinks his way through the night, whilst propositioning with an old flame in a classic ‘drunk dial’. Good use of dim lighting and night scenery throughout, playing off the sombre, isolated vibe of the audio nicely, whilst the slowed-down section towards the end makes for a nice switch-up, representing those blurred moments from the night that we’ve all surely experienced. The stop-start filming style also tries to recreate that stuttered memory feel, though it does leave the video feeling a little fragmented at times, and whilst that may be intentional it doesn’t make for entirely smooth viewing. Only a minor criticism though, and it’s a solid enough video for a very enjoyable song.

Audio can be grabbed here.

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