Coldplay-Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Coldplay are one of those acts that upon making a ‘comeback’, you realise it never actually seemed like they went away, so ubiquitous is their music and image. It’s not confirmed whether this will be from an upcoming album or EP, but it’s new music and I’m sure the Coldplay fans will be hungry to give it a taste.

Very positive and rooted in a hugely uplifting style, it’s a well-timed song as it comes back with an infectious summer vibe that gives this track a great deal of potential in terms of popularity. Though the electronically-driven intro will certainly throw listeners off, the nuts and bolts of the rest of the song aren’t anything particularly new for Coldplay, with progressive instrumentation building to an explosive finish, led mostly by some solid guitar work from the band. With relatively bland lyricism, it’s a testament to Martin’s vocal ability that the lyrics/vocals still remain relatively engaging, though it’s probably more to do with his sheer command over a melody than anything else. A solid listen, and one you’ll probably give a fair few plays as the weather improves. Available on iTunes right now!

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