Coldplay-Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Video

We were treated to the audio some time ago, and Coldplay cement their ‘comeback’ (why is it always referred to as a comeback when artists launch a new album cycle?) with this video.

As with most Coldplay visuals, this is slickly produced and boasts some enjoyable effects to keep viewers engaged throughout. In particular, the stop-motion cinematography used captures the frenetic, energetic style of the audio, turning what would otherwise be a relatively unremarkable video into something more distinctive. A similar transformation is made by the lashings of colour used throughout in both the paint and outfits, contrasting nicely with the somewhat grim, industrial settings they’re surrounded by, and hence offering flashes of brightness that turn mundane scenery into a more positive environment. A decent video for a mainstream-friendly song, it’s both a solid watch and listen. Available on iTunes for those that don’t already have it.

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