Chima Anya-Strickly Fore Mye Niggurz

If you combine solid raps with a nice dose of humour, you’re on the right path to getting my attention. Indi’s already a big supporter of this guy, and you’ll probably be following suit after this.

Chima laces Joell Ortiz’s Sing Like Bilal beat with some solid raps, taking on the bass-heavy production with a confidence that belies his status as an underground rapper. The synergy with the beat is definitely there, and he really stamps his own style on the track.

A brilliantly unpretentious video to accompany it too. Chima kicks off by miscellaneously rapping/shouting at the lady in his car, and then proceeds to pretty much have a bit of a laugh with his mates, who are doing press-ups, pull-ups and other gymnastic and/or dance moves. Just a bit of fun really, and when accompanied by some good raps, it makes for an easygoing experience all-round.

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