Big Sean-I Do It Video

Before I get into the video, it has to be said that Big Sean’s ‘boi’ and ‘I do it’ adlibs are by far the catchiest in music right now. Boi.

When the audio dropped for this, I was relatively underwhelmed and had expected a little more from him. However, this video has certainly reversed that view, and it has to be said that the hypnotising, head-knocking beat alongside Sean’s diverse and confident raps makes for decent listening. It’s a simple hip-hop formula, and it works.

The video is solid enough, and largely focuses on Sean’s face which gives him both some needed camera time, and tests his natural charisma into making this a captivating video, which he is partially successful at. It’s asking a lot of him in truth, though the sprinkling of effects here and there makes for a nice hint of diversity. However, the simplistic nature of the video lends itself to the relatively easy-to-get track, and hence does its job of just adding some visuals to accompany rather than expand on the audio. Finally Famous: The Album out on June 28th.

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