Benga-Smack Your Bitch Up Video

I’ve publicly stated my dislike for dubstep etc., but my word can this boy serve up some beats. He’s about the only guy I’ll give a go in that genre, and here he comes through with an intense, pulsating effort that really displays his skills.

Opening up with a slow build, the track builds atmosphere with various isolated hits, from a haunting vocal snippet to a single tribal drum hit, heightening the anticipation for the thick, winding synth that explodes the track into life. Crucially, the synth is backed by a relatively slow tempo percussion that serves to emphasise that hypnotising synth work further, both highlighting the track’s anchor point and adding a somewhat ominous, darker vibe.

Video is very fitting, with the monochrome colour scheme playing off that dark feel, whilst the high-octane breakdancers utilise that powerful synth work nicely, all tied together with an underground theme created by the industrial setting, flashes of graffiti and the general isolation of the dance-off. Strong all-round effort that you can pick up for free here.

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