Bad Meets Evil-Fast Lane Video

Much anticipated visuals from the highly anticipated Hell: The Sequel EP from Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″. The track itself ws accurately summated by Murray, with ‘razor-sharp, tongue-twisting, triple-time lyricism from two emcee’s back on top’, over a solid and unobtrusive production.

Unfortunately, the video just doesn’t match up. Whilst the animated/visual lyrics style of videos works for some artists, it just feels completely incongruent with both the song itself and the somewhat ‘serious’ (for the most part) nature of each artist. The effects are massively overused and consequentially reduce the song to a secondary factor behind an ill-thought out cartoon, adding a playful quality that doesn’t juxtapose favourably with the lyrical content. In small doses, it may have worked fine as a supplementary effect on the gritty, industrial scenery they’re surrounded by, but unfortunately its extended use only serves to dilute that more fitting scenescape.

Disappointing video, but the audio has enough quality to survive. Grab that here if you haven’t already.

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