Asher Roth and Quan-Summertime

In celebration of the #firstdayofsummer here is “Summertime”, produced by Nottz.

Always nice to get some new material from Asher, and he drops off a laidback effort that’s most definitely made for a lazy summer’s day. Nottz serves up a solid production with light melodies and an easygoing, slow paced percussion line, making for a very gentle and relaxing listen. Nothing spectacular, but certainly fit for its purpose of playing foil to Asher’s naturally mellow flow, which he packs with some nice summer references and much like the beat, doesn’t get overcomplicated and instead synergises smoothly with the production to enhance the overall vibe. The simple, catchy hook rounds things off nicely, adding the finishing touch to a quick, easy listen that will likely rack up a few plays on your playlists. Also, where has Quan popped up from?!

Asher Roth-Summertime ft. Quan

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