Yelawolf-Kill My Nightmare

Precisely the type of hip-hop Yelawolf needs to make an awful lot more of.

Yela dropped this track to coincide with yesterday’s Friday 13th, and he plays on the negative superstition around the date with this dark, eerie and haunting effort that exhibits Yelawolf’s ability to really inject emotion and mood into his voice. Flicking between an uneasy whisper, a rough shout and regular speech, Yela plays an almost schizophrenic role that’s ably backed by some very solid bars, and exclusively supported by a disquieting piano melody that has that horror vibe stamped all over it. Very enjoyable effort from Yela.

Yelawolf-Kill My Nightmare

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1 comment to Yelawolf-Kill My Nightmare

  • I really like this.

    As I alluded to on my Twitter, I can’t get over how much from production, to style to flow and content matter this reeks of 1999-2001 Eminem. Perhaps that’s why I like it so much…

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