Yelawolf-Kill My Nightmare Video (...sort of)

Would this constitute a music video? He mouths/performs the song, but it’s not really your typical video and is largely based around his influences for the song, and inspiration since the song (to get a tattoo of the artwork!).

Big fan of the audio (as Murray rightly put it, there’s a ridiculously strong early Eminem influence), and its nice to get some words from Yela to flesh out the track. Certainly interesting to know that the track wasn’t exclusively fuelled by the date it was released, but also by personal experiences of Yelawolf from his childhood, with that blend of personal effect and artistic styling clearly making for a successful combination. Same goes for this video, with the combination of candid explanation and darker, more ‘music video’-styled scenes providing a different and enjoyable watch. Grab the audio here.

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