Wiley and Ed Sheeran-If I Could Video

From Wiley’s upcoming Wiley Presents Jay Weathers ‘The Producer’ project, this is a very enjoyable all-rounder with OTU favourite Ed Sheeran tagging along with some vocals.

Huge fan of the production here, with an atmospheric yet isolated vibe that lends itself to the introspective raps of Wiley, as well as the relative desolation of the Kingston-shot video. The video is a great fit for the track, with Wiley’s loneliness in the bright sunshine being poignant, particularly amidst scenery changing from nature to grittier images, almost mirroring the diversity of this very track’s harmonic production and honest raps.

Those raps are enjoyable from Wiley, and for all his various misdemeanours away from the mic, it’s difficult to dislike his product when he comes through with such solid, well-delivered bars. Ed tags along with some soft, mellow vocals that synergise with the entire package of raps, production and video to round off the track superbly.

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3 comments to Wiley and Ed Sheeran-If I Could Video

  • EGB

    Regarding the line “…and for all his various misdemeanours away from the mic”, can anyone explain to me why everyone hates on Wiley so much?
    I heard a few things about him, and he does talk a bit of shit sometimes, but I’ve never got why people seem to hate him so much.
    Also, I heard people calling him a paedo. What’s that about?

  • I’ll field this one:

    I guess most people hate on him due to the amount of feuds he’s kick-started over the last ten years. I never disliked the man or his music (posted a fair bit of it on this site) until the whole Jay Sean thing though, where Wiley made himself look to be a total idiot. This sums up that whole saga really: http://www.thehiphopchronicle.com/2011/02/07/dear-wiley/

  • EGB

    I actually knew about the Jay Sean thing, and did think it made him look more childish than anything (the Shizzio diss on him was sick as well). I also think the way he started a little beef with Pro Green, and then started saying “Take me on tour if you really want to squash this” was really pathetic.

    I suppose he’s not the most likeable guy about, but he’s always come across OK in interviews, in my opinion. Quite humble and laid back generally.

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