Unsigned Hype: The Verdict

Having had the pleasure of seeing these guys live on a number of occasions, I’ve been left blown away by their performances each time and I would like to introduce to OTU and Unsigned Hype, The Verdict. Hailing from Liverpool, The Verdict are a 3-piece Indie/Britpop band, featuring Gaz Wilcox (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Josh Ferrigan (Bass/Vocals) and Kev McKay (Drums/Vocals). As their Myspace states they bring pounding drums, throbbing bass and a big guitar sound with a modern britpop vibe.

You can preview and purchase the bands debut EP Business & Pleasure here, or you can head over to their Myspace and listen to a few more tracks from the guys, including a few of their earlier tunes. You won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes, you talk to people about music and they just come alive with an infectious passion: Gaz Wilcox (who I also know to be a very talented barber) is one of those people. I took some time out a while ago to speak to him on his thoughts and ambitions of the band. To read what Gaz has to say about the band, hit the jump and keep reading.

What brought you together as a band?
Who would you say the bands biggest influences are?
“Well the initial idea of The Verdict was to simply write great tunes… bring back the classic guitar sound from the 90′s with a modern twist, ya know throw all kinds in there, give it a stir, make a cocktail, this gave us our sound… Me and Kev have always listened to bands like Supergrass. Growing up in the 90′s was a great time for music, Britpop is in our blood I suppose! Albums like I should coco and In It For The Money still sound as fresh today as they did then, big guitars, mega chorus’ and good catchy vocal melody’s. That’s what it’s all about for us, and that’s what anyone wants to hear when they listen to music! Its a simple as that!”

How would you best describe your sound?

“Our sound, man! We can write anything when we bang our heads together, In the studio we can sound like whatever we wanna sound, It was only last week I had someone playing Brass over the tunes, this might catch on for live performances, try breaking the boundary’s a little. We all agree and focus whats gonna catch on with the audience when we write songs… That’s so important when you’re trying to make it man, yeah maybe in a few years when we have a few successful albums the sound will expand, we have thought about expanding the band but we feel we will fall into most categories then, I like the 3 piece thing, you gotta work your f**kin socks off man.”

What are the bands main ambitions?
“Our ambition is to sign to a label, to give us the creative freedom everyday of our lives, I want Rock & Roll to be a full time Job, as it is now, but on a larger scale… firstly be the biggest Band In Liverpool, then take this further up field and take over the country.. then who knows?

I don’t want to namedrop but we’ve played a few decent gigs with the likes of the Bluetones, Twisted Wheel, Bonehead (Oasis), who are all bands that we can relate to and who have a good word to say about us. On the 25th May (Tonight) we’re supporting a new band called Brother who are doing pretty well at the minute, bringing that Britpop sound back, so think we will compliment each-other on that one. We’re also playing Rough Beats festival on the 10-12th June with the likes of Hot club de paris”

For more info on The Verdict, and for future gigs the guys will be playing, keep an eye on their Myspace page. A massive thanks to Gaz for taking the time to answer the questions.

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