Tyler Woods-The Mahogany Experiment (Free EP)

Forgive my lateness on this one. I was recommended this a little while back, and having finally got around to giving (some of) it a listen, I can safely confirm that it’s an definite must-have for soul/R&B fans.

Tyler has an addictive mellow quality to his voice, and one that proves incredibly addictive over the course of the 14-track EP. His natural, buttery vocals lend themselves to an effortless synchronicity with his varied beat selection, ensuring that the division between vocals and production is incredibly narrow, and hence the EP delivers a batch of holistic and well-rounded tracks. There’s an old-school sensibility in this that will hugely appeal to the neo-soul and soul heads, whilst the easy listening of the music makes it equally enjoyable for the more mainstream, new-school R&B fans. Unmissable project, and hopefully there’s more to come from Tyler.

Tyler Woods-The Mahogany Experiment EP

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