The Weeknd-House of Balloons (Free Album)

I rarely hand in my late pass, but I have to here as this album is frightening. The Weeknd is a somewhat mysterious singer out of Toronto that appears to have something incredibly special about him,  a view that has been co-signed by his fellow Toronto native Drake amongst others.

This debut project from back in March combines the key atmospheric, ‘night pop’ quality of projects such as Drake’s So Far Gone and The xx’s album with an unmistakeably individual artistic flair, offering a consistently engaging listen that you’ll replay again and again. With captivating and versatile vocal skills alongside a rich diversity in production choices, the 9-track brings together a range of influences to successfuly blend R&B, alternative and soul to offer a crossover appeal that will be impossible to dislike. Miss this, and you’re seriously doing yourself an injustice: alongside Frank Ocean, this is someone to be very excited about.

The Weeknd-House of Balloons

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