The Lonely Island and Michael Bolton-Jack Sparrow Video

If the fact MICHAEL BOLTON is on the feature hasn’t already got you in stitches, the video most definitely will.

TLI are at their best here, with that ‘serious’, almost deadpan humour that makes some of their videos hilarious to watch being in full force. However, Michael Bolton is the true star with his overblown emotion on the hook and adlibs, poking a little fun at himself and generally being massively hilarious. That’s certainly helped by his vocals/lyrics being entirely unrelated to the verses, a fact that isn’t lost on TLI who respond with some humorous adlibs of their own. Aside from the unnecessarily dramatic sea sequences and the self-parodying club scenes, the video ends on an equally ludicrous note, with Michael Bolton assuming the role of…Tony Montana.

This is a video/song that definitely ranks up there with their best to date, and is a must-watch if you’re after a good laugh!

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