The Foreign Exchange-The Last Fall Video

Undoubtedly my favourite track from their Authenticity album, this is one video that is absolutely worth watching irrespective of your opinion (or probable lack thereof) on their music.

Working with a track that combines an uplifting production with introspective, reflective lyrics, the video goes in an entirely different direction with a progressively uneasy vibe that details the unravelling of a besotted man. The story is extremely captivating throughout, as the lead male’s obsessiveness and addiction slowly consume more of his daily life, and drives him to a shocking conclusion.

Despite its seeming incongruence with the original vibe of the lyrics, it can be interpreted in various ways. The relationship between the two may represent love itself, in two different processes: either attempting to recover from heartbreak perenially ‘stalking’, until it finally destroys you, or attempting to find love but without success, and internally abandoning the thought/concept entirely. Definitely worth a watch, on both a surface level and if you’re a bit weird like me and want to go a bit deeper! Don’t miss out on that Authenticity album.

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