The Five One-Monsters Mutants Vampires

Every time we’ve heard from The Five One in recent months, there’s the feeling that their sound is growing in stature, ability and refinement with each instance. This track really embodies that, fusing together the diverse sound and influences of the group, but held together with that hip-hop sensibility.

Wild, edgy guitar work gives this track a very sharp, attention-grabbing quality, with pounding percussion work supporting that very ably. The vocals and raps are absolutely on-point throughout, switching freely between harmonies and bars to enhance that wild, unfiltered vibe of the production. It’s a strange thing to say, but in adopting this almost free-spirited ‘structure’, they display a confidence in their music that adds the aforementioned maturity and refinement.

The video is enjoyable too, combining grainy close-ups of each member with a horror-style story taking place (with the victims being some pretty lovely ladies), each enhancing the relatively dark nature of the audio. A very strong all-round showing, and one that’s certainly worth checking out. Audio can be grabbed from here.

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