Taking Back Sunday-Faith (When I Let You Down) Video

They’re back and they’re back with aplomb. With a new, self-titled album due on June 28th, Taking Back Sunday return with their first official single from the album, the punchy and charming Faith (When I Let You Down). And with it being a new TBS album, that means another line-up change. But at least it’s a familiar change with John Nolan and Shaun Cooper re-joining the ranks, returning TBS to the line-up of their strongest album, Tell All Your Friends. This change has brought an air of irresistibility around TBS, as all us TBS fans look forward to seeing if the ‘original’ line up can recapture their former glory.

The song is a standard TBS affair, especially for those familiar with their two previous albums Louder Now and New Again: the massive, catchy chorus, the introspective and usually personal lyrics of Adam Lazzara return, along with a strong and loud instrumental which combine to create an atmosphere of uplifting splendour. Whilst TBS’ sound may always be expanding, this song falters somewhat by sounding far too similar to a 30 Seconds to Mars song; even the video recalls the premise of Closer to the Edge. These issues are only minor however, as Faith (When I Let You Down) is still an infectious and grand song, with a video featuring an intriguing post-modern twist which is unveiled at the end. See if you can spot it before hand!

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