Swizz Beatz and Eve-Everyday (Coolin') Video

Handing in my late pass here, sorry. In recent months, I’ve started to appreciate Swizzy a little more. He may not be the most consistent producer (but when he gets it right he gets it very right) and is by no means a great rapper, but there’s something about his energy that’s incredibly infectious, and his appreciation for almost all forms of art and fashion definitely makes me respect him.

As I said in my initial review, this is a production that can really go either way in terms of being liked or hated, though I did correctly predict that it would grow on me with a few listens: it has indeed, and whilst its certainly no lyrical masterpiece, it’s pretty catchy and wouldn’t be the worst thing to catch in a club. Hell, at least it’s something a little different, and that should be commended. The monochrome video is a nice touch too, and a simple style that befits this relatively unfussy song.

Eve takes the win on this one though, not only for her verse, but for that swagger and confidence she seems to exude from every pore. Nice to see her back on the scene, and hopefully we’ll get more of her soon.

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