Skylar Grey-Love The Way You Live (Live...from a Hotel Room!)

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this is pretty fantastic. I don’t think many would disagree that Skylar’s studio version of this song was considerably better than Rihanna’s, and she proves here that it wasn’t down to a fluke or studio software: the vocals are right on point.

Accompanied by just a piano, Skylar proceeds to deliver a rousing, engaging performance of the track she originally co-wrote, and one that makes it pretty difficult to deny that she’s got an enormous future ahead of her as a solo artist. She’s had this mystery surrounding her too, which is partially peeled away by this candid video that reveals her emotional side, as well as giving us an extended look at the lady herself (can’t complain either!).

The studio version of this can be grabbed here, and most definitely should be.

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