Sak Noel-Loca People [Video]

A little something from Barcelona for you today. This has been doing the rounds in the clubs here and will no doubt dominate the summer UK scene once the DJ’s get their hands on it.

Catalonian DJ, Sak Noel not only produces the audio, but directs the video too (which is shot in the streets of Barcelona itself and I’m pretty sure I see my bank in one of the shots). The visuals were intended to poke fun at the numerous ‘Guiris’ (tourists) which flock to Barcelona each summer. Famous street La Rambla and Plaza De Catalonia make brief cameos before the rest of the visuals play out demonstrating the crazy nightlife Barcelona has to offer. And yes, it is this crazy. Oh, and this video is probably a little bit NSFW.

Listen out for this across the world guys as I’m sure it will be on heavy rotation.

Sak Noel-Loca People

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