Random Axe-The Hex [Video]

We haven’t covered anything Random Axe as of yet on OTU, but it’s a project, or should I say supergroup that I’ve been following closely over the past few weeks. It consists of the ever-enigmatic Sean Price, Detroit producer-cum-emcee Black Milk and fellow D-Town compatriot Guilty Simpson who have a self-titled album on the horizon.

Anyway, here are some visuals for their latest single The Hex which certainly drive home that ‘hardcore sound’ which I think the heads amongst us are expecting with this sort of lineup. As this is the music industry after all, I’m more about the audio than the visuals (although as I’ve said before, good visuals can make mediocre audio that much more authentic) and here we have a pulsating effort which sounds straight out of Black Milk’s basement and each emcee drops equally entertaining verses with superb chemistry.

June 14. Stay tuned for a little bit of hell on wax.

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