Obie Trice-Hell Yea

Another new drop from Trice, I’m not sure whether this is set to be on Bottoms Up, I really hope it isn’t though. I’ve always thought of Trice as being underrated, but the last few tracks he’s released haven’t really justified my opinion, this is no different.

It’s pretty much Trice by numbers, once again talking about how he’s left Interscope and wants to prove that he can do it with out Em and Dre’s input. Yet quite hypocritically he keeps name dropping the two of them. Obie, if you want your fans to move on, you need too. It’s a decent head nodding beat and I’m always a fan of the piano on a hip-hop track. It’s a shame the lyrical content doesn’t quite match it.

Obie Trice-Hell Yea

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