For a man who drops as much music as Mickey does, he has a serious dearth of music videos. Not really sure why, but regardless he’s picked a very solid all-rounder here for a rare visual.

It’s pretty difficult to dislike Marsha’s voice, and her soulful hook slides in smoothly alongside Mickey’s clear and witty raps, undoubtedly making for one of his more rounded, ‘complete’ tracks to date. That’s not to say it’s his best material as it isn’t, but it’s one of the few that feels more like a song than a rap.

Video is solid and cleanly produced, giving the ever-confident Mickey some valuable face time, alongside a couple of nice cameos from his peers. Fairly regular motif-wise, throwing in some artwork to highlight the ‘culture’ part of the track, alongside a few feelgood and celebratory scenes that give this a nice positivity. Nothing classic, but it correctly uses more simple devices to filter Mickey’s natural penchant for trying a bit of everything. Track can be found on the Heaven’s Fallout re-release.

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