Joe Budden-Ordinary Love Shit Part 3

With his much-publicised recent breakup with Esther Baxter, Budden takes to the mic to finish off his Ordinary Love Shit series. Taking on Frank Ocean’s fantastic Novacane (found here) for the production, Budden’s certainly picked a solid beat and he takes it on fairly well.

I’m a fan of Budden’s storytelling lyricism, and he’s fully on point with that here as he seemingly opens up about his private life on this one, namechecks and all, making this one you definitely need to be paying attention to. The raps fit with the thudding nature of this beat nicely, though Budden could use a little more diversity in his actual voice: considering the personal, emotional nature of the track, it’s delivered in quite a repetitive, monotone style that doesn’t do justice to his lyrics. Only really a minor criticism though, as it is a very good remake of the track.

Joe Budden-Ordinary Love Shit Part 3 (Closure)

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