UK emcee Jehst is an interesting artist. I remember following him years back after his acclaimed The Return Of The Drifter EP (2002) and Falling Down (2003) and thinking to myself how his old-school, drum-heavy crafted beats combined with his characteristic British accent were miles ahead of anything out in the UK at that time. He then went under the radar for several years until now (and heads up to BrokenSoulBoy for the nod with this one) as we await the imminent release of his next album Dragon Of An Ordinary Family on June 27th. Hit the jump for the latest single and the brilliant viral campaign for the album itself…

This seemingly random clip was uploaded to YouTube in February which showed a casual bystander recording Jehst delivering mail to his door. The clip sent the Internet wild with frenzy asking all manner of different questions. The follow up to this clip surfaced two months later…

England forms the latest single for his upcoming effort and continues on the success of Jehst’s previous work. Much like the title suggests, it features Jehst addressing the pitfalls of living in modern day England. Over a layered piano and heavy boom bap drum pattern, he lets torrents of words fly in his easily recognisable colloquial soaked twang. This is one for fans of both the UK scene but the distinctive boom-bap production will have its fans from ‘across the pond’ too.

Jehst-England (Clean version for now)

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