Jay Electronica-Dimethyltryptamine Video

Filmed during Jay’s trip to Nepal back in 2009, this video was one in a series that was apparently not approved for release by Jay. Not sure why, but the mystical nature of Jay’s sporadic releases probably warrants leaving that question unasked and unanswered.

The ‘original’ video for this is here, and is a pretty trippy, almost creepy brainwash-style video that probably sums up the ethereal mystique of Jay Elect in truth. Really like this alternate video though, showing the rougher, grittier elements of Nepal (versus the usual ‘tourist highlights’ nature of internationally-filmed videos), alongside an uneasy representation of the piercing gaze afforded to foreigners by the locals.

Certainly worth a watch, and feels like the kind of video Jay should probably be dropping more regularly. I’d normally close off with *insert project name* coming on *insert date*, but that would be foolish with this guy: Act II, coming…eventually?

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