J. Cole-Return Of Simba

There’s no doubt about it, Cole is one of the nicest skirting around the outskirts of the mainstream right now, but damn do people over hype. With that said though, this is a top effort rumoured to be from Cole’s long-awaited Cole World. I really enjoyed the other ‘Simba’ joints from Cole (way back in ’09) and this follows in the same footsteps with a light and wispy instrumental (co-produced by Cole himself). Lyrically Cole comes through with those inspirational, poetic raps and switches things up towards the end to great effect. A good effort with definite replay value, but not as powerful as the original. Let’s wait and see where it ends up.

J. Cole-Return Of Simba

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1 comment to J. Cole-Return Of Simba

  • *hands in his #latepass*

    Cole spazzes out on this. Best song of his I’ve heard in a little while tbh.

    imo: Grown Simba >>>>>>>>> Return Of Simba >>>>>> Simba

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