Gilbere Forte’-Born In ’87 Video

I avoid using this phrase as much as possible, but Gilbere’ is genuinely one of the most underrated rappers in the game. He’s got stacks of ability, both lyrically and with his passionate, versatile deliveries over a range of production styles. There’s no obvious flaw in his game, and hopefully it won’t be long until the masses catch on.

Big fan of this track, taken from his fantastic Eyes of Veritas mixtape (probably my favourite tape of the year so far), and it’s a great display of the emotion and intensity Gilbere can bring to the table. Importantly, it’s imperative that Gilbere gets some camera time to put a face to the good music, and he’s gone with the right approach of keeping the video simple by largely centering it around shots of himself. The raw, unfiltered vibe of the track itself hence extends into the video, and combines simply and effectively with it.

If, for some odd reason you don’t have the mixtape, you really need to be changing that by clicking here.

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