Enter Shikari-Quelle Surprise

Post-hardcore gods Enter Shikari are currently slaving away in Thailand, recording and hopefully finishing their yet-to-be-titled third album. Luckily for us, they’ve released visuals for the first single Quelle Surprise. The song itself is typical of Enter Shikari’s style of synth heavy production and a mishmash of other genres but keeps to their high standard of music.

The video begins with a Minority Report influenced scene. A battered and bruised vocalist Rou Reynolds using the technological advancements he’s singing about before pushing them aside. Reynolds and the rest of the band continue their journey towards the white light through sheer will power. Could the video be suggesting that we’re over reliant on technology? Or that it’s being used incorrectly? Whatever message you may infer, the video is at least entertaining enough, though pretty primitive in parts.

Download the song from here.

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