DJ Khaled, Drake, Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross-I'm On One

Before you get into a fit, I’m fully aware this was first released about two weeks ago. However, upon recently lavishing praise on another DJ’s mainstream stomper, it occured to me that a miscommunication in the OTU team means this enjoyable effort was oddly never posted. A rare slip-up!

Probably one of Khaled’s best songs ever. Why? Not only does he refrain from screaming all over it, but everything else seems to go right. The beat is absolutely superb, with a piercing melody in the verses being supplemented in the hook by a thick percussion that will undoubtedly get your neck snapping, whilst Drake stars with a very solid verse, along with a strong hook. Ricky Ross is bearable on this too (I guarantee you’ll find yourself copying his verse-opening grunt!), though Wayne is massively disappointing on this with a lazy, boring verse. Really enjoyable effort outside of that verse though. Sorry for the delay!

DJ Khaled-I’m On One ft. Drake, Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross

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