DJ Drama, Fabolous, Roscoe Dash and Wiz Khalifa-Oh My Video

As far as mainstream hip-hop goes, this is one of the better tracks to have been released in recent months. It’s got an enormously addictive quality that I just can’t put my finger on, though I’d hazard a guess that its probably down to Roscoe’s ridiculously infectious hook.

Pretty standard mainstream hip-hop video in terms of theme, with lots of naked girls and plenty of disposable income being casually utilised. It a generally busy and active video, which plays off the natural energy and intensity of the song, and adds that little bit of #swag to each verse. Nothing special otherwise, but nice to have some visuals to the song regardless.

This track knocks pretty damn hard when cranked loud (brotip: put it in your car), and can be grabbed from here.

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