Diggy Simmons-Copy, Paste

A technologically titled track from Diggy’s upcoming debut album, I’m a bit underwhelmed here. I let the pop vibe of Diggy’s previous track slide a little, purely in the knowledge that it was probably heavily dictated by his label. However, this carries on that relatively uncreative trend with a pretty generic effort that really isn’t going to help his development as a rapper or an artist: it’s clearly not strong enough as a hip-hop track, but also falls short as a pop hip-hop track, leaving it in a pretty pointless middle ground.

The verses are far from the level he’s capable of, whilst the autotuned hook feels very forced, with the only saving grace being a relatively solid production in the verses. I don’t really want to criticise the kid as he’s got bags of talent, but material like this really isn’t utilising him to anywhere near his potential. For the sake of his own creativity and development, I sincerely hope this is another example of label-fed material.

Diggy Simmons-Copy, Paste

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