Diggy Simmons and Bruno Mars-Click Clack Away

Solid thinking from Atlantic once again: get one of hip-hop’s brightest newcomers, and give him that mainstream rub by pairing him up with Bruno Mars.

We’ve seen from his various freestyles and the odd original track that Diggy’s got talent on the mic, and no matter what your view is on this sort of ‘radio ready’ track, it’s good to see he has the versatility to make this sort of material. The track is easy to listen to and fairly generic, which gives this a huge chance of being quite the single for Diggy; however, from a critical standpoint it’s very lazy. Everything about the production mirrors B.o.B’s Nothin’ On You, from the jaunty melody on the keys to the almost-identical percussion loops, which is a disappointing (though probably more Atlantic’s doing than Diggy’s). Bruno’s hook is catchy as expected, and does the job of making this accessible to the chart fans. Just a shame they didn’t push the boundaries a little more for such a rare, young hip-hop talent.

Diggy Simmons-Click Clack Away ft. Bruno Mars

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