Dan Kent-History Of Pain [Instrumental]

Budding producer Dan Kent has a new EP coming out soon by the name of Music 2000 and here we find a free download for one of the instrumentals that I assume will feature on it. Having followed this producer for a while, it’s great to hear the evolution of his sound, with this beat in particular having the potential to really evoke some emotion while you listen to it. As an instrumental alone, it’s one you can play in the background while you’re doing work or whatever, and would sound equally as good in the car. With all that said I’d like to hear a rapper spit some lyrics over this and Dan has given the opportunity for any aspiring emcee (or singer!) to apply some vocals to this instrumental, with the best effort being rewarded with having their version feature on Dan Kent’s upcoming mixtape (which will follow the EP). Get @ him via his Twitter for more details.

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