Context MC-Listening To Burial ft. Slof Man [Video]

“It’s been a whirlwind 2011 for Context MC already. He has been: named one the top 5 UK underground acts by massive US website The Huffington Post; invited to Abbey Road by BBC Introducing; playlisted by MTV; had press support from MTV, SB.TV, RWD, Semtex (BBC 1Xtra) and K Mag; performed at I Luv Live; been shortlisted for Glastonbury; and was a featured artist on myspace’s homepage alongside Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon and Britney Spears!”

The video compliments the lonely audio superbly, with Context MC alone outside in his own zone, whilst the party is going on indoors. The song itself, produced by Slof Man, is one for you to listen to alone, it’s slow and it makes you think. Exactly the type of music I like.

Context MC hit us with a winner with Off With Their Heads and it’s safe to say that song was not a fluke. Listening To Burial should be on iTunes soon, don’t sleep on this.

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