Cleo Sol-Call For Me (Acoustic)

We were given an uptempo, electro-infused introduction to Cleo Sol back in March with LoveBass, and now we’re getting a much closer look at the core talent with this addictive acoustic performance.

As you’d expect, this is considerably more stripped down than the aforementioned song, allowing Cleo to really flex her vocal chords and grab the attention with a versatile and diverse performance that cements her as an exciting homegrown upcomer. There’s a blend of soul sensibility with a hip-hop ‘swagger’ (I hate that word) in both Cleo’s delivery and her demeanour, as she exhibits a natural confidence to back up the vocals, making for a rounded performance that certainly suggests there’s an interesting future ahead.

Official debut single is coming soon, but for now be sure to get familiar with this, and click here to check out the previous effort, LoveBass.

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