Chris Brown-She Ain't You Video

There are lots of good dancers in the pop/R&B world such as Usher, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce etc., but are any of them as captivating and watchable as Chris Breezy? To me, he’s in a league of his own just for being such a great watch, even if he’s not as technically ‘smooth’ as some others may be.

I probably downplayed the quality of the song when I initially reviewed it for fear of it becoming overplayed, but there’s no denying that Chris does a seriously fantastic job on the hook here, and does justice to the MJ sample. Rightfully, the video is dedicated to him, and in more so than just a simple message as Chris channels MJ in both his performance and a couple of his outfits, with great results. The entertaining dancing is in full flow here as he blends Jackson’s style with his own athletic moves to make a simple and enjoyable video.

Very fitting tribute, and a very strong selection for his next single. It’s such a shame he had those personal problems, as without them he’d quite clearly be the heir to Jackson’s throne. F.A.M.E. is available everywhere now.

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