Calvin Harris and Kelis-Bounce Video

Surely a song set to dominate the summer, Calvin drops off his latest club stomper in preparation for his upcoming album. I wasn’t overly keen on Awooga, as it was just a little uninteresting on the whole, but this track certainly has a lot more going for it.

Harris serves up a very diverse and dynamic production, with a mellowed series of synth hits alongside midtempo percussion working nicely for the verses, and building to a big, explosive hook that typifies Calvin’s mainstream singles. It’s certainly a lot more electro/house influenced than some of his more pop-oriented work, a vibe helped by Kelis’ relatively relaxed yet uplifting vocal work. Pleased to see he hasn’t tried to marry a famous feature with a pop-dance beat, Gueeta style!

Video is actually quite enjoyable too, following a general miscreant/degenerate/rebel around as he causes a bit of havoc, and seems to just be having a bit of free-spirited fun. An easy watch, and certain to be a big single for Calvin.

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