Beyonce-Girls (Who Run The World) Video

Despite Single Ladies being released almost three years ago, it feels as if Beyoncé never really went away. Hence, it feels a bit wrong to say she’s ‘back’, but that’s exactly what’s happening with this club shredding single.

I wasn’t keen on the audio on first impression a few weeks back, but the Pon De Floor sample has grown on me a little. The lyrics are still corny as hell, but the retweaked beat is full of bounce, and the video capitalises on that with another addictive set of performances from Beyoncé.

Nice bit of diversity in the video too, with a somewhat apocalyptic/desolate setting making for something a little different. Regardless of my views on the actual music, you have to give major props to Beyoncé for doing what she does in heels just as well as those guys in Converse too (product placement much?). Always fun to watch her in full flow.

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