The Freeze Tag-The Hustle

I’m aware the video/short audio review for this was already posted, but having got my hands on the audio, I felt it worth giving this a little more shine (plus, I can throw the Hamster Kid EP artwork up!).

I have a theory about ‘dedicated’ music fans: if you’re really excited about a mixtape/album/EP that no-one you know will have heard of, you know you genuinely love music. It’s a great feeling when the music truly delivers too, and the forthcoming EP from Cassettes Won’t Listen and Bisco Smith (as The Freeze Tag) is definitely my current ‘pet project’.

Blending thoughtful, slickly-delivered raps from Bisco with a superb production comprised of soft guitar licks and heavy percussion, the track offers a mellow aspect alongside a head-nodding vibe, finished off with a melodic, melancholy hook. There’s a crossover style here, with an alternative feel seeping in amongst the hip-hop sensibility, and it makes for very enjoyable listening. Don’t sleep on this.
The Freeze Tag-The Hustle

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