The Freeze Tag (Cassettes Won't Listen and Bisco Smith)-The Hustle

Cassettes Won’t Listen came to my attention with a slew of enjoyable remixes late last year, and certainly proved himself a very capable producer. Bisco is no stranger to OTU either, having made two very solid appearances in the Underground Hip-Hop series, but I’d have never really put the two together.

Got no problem with it though, especially when their upcoming project Hamster Kid promises to be great. A five-track concept EP and animated musical collaboration, they’ve enlisted the help of world-renowned street artist Bishop 203 and director Mike Vidoli.

The result is a slick and captivating animation that’s ably supported by a rather good bit of music: ‘a track that that incorporates slick, reverberating guitar plucks, synths, driving distorted bass, and heavy drums, as Bisco weaves the story, verse by verse, of Hamster Kid‘. Really couldn’t put it better myself, and this is an eclectic slice of hip-hop that blends video and audio to great effect. Don’t sleep on this.

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